OPERATION LEAVE NO CHILD BEHIND-Project by SMILE Humanitarian Initiative

Operation leave no child behind is an educational based program, that ensure children denied of getting access to school while their peers are in school are given same opportunities as their peers.

Education is a fundamental human right to all, especially children, it forms the basis of their upbringing, a child not educated at the right age, may lose the privilege of knowing and learning the rudiment of formal education.

According to the Universal Basic Education Commission, National Population Commission, National Bureau of Statistics and other stakeholders carried out an annual school census in 2019 that shows that over 16 million children are out of school, it shows that 10 million are out of primary school while 6 million out of secondary school.

Most endemic states affected by out of school children include: Kano, Akwa Ibom, Katsina, Kaduna, Taraba, Sokoto, Yobe, Zamfara, Oyo, Benue, Jigawa and Ebonyi state.

Providing chances for these children will aid the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities. Poverty and illiteracy are major key role in driving exclusion from education, analysis have shown among children in developing countries that people living in poor households are consistently most disadvantaged.

In a bid to address the issue of out of school children, the Federal Government f Nigeria developed four strategic interventions; special education, boy child education, girl child education and almajiri sensitization.

SMILE Humanitarian Initiative, has taken two of the interventions the boy child education and the girl child education, which formed the project “Operation Leave No Child Behind”, believing that no one child should be left behind, education is paramount and should be accessible for all.

The project is a short term project that will last for the span of 3 months, it will give access to some out of school children in Mab Global, an area in Galadima, Gwarinpa area of the FCT

We have no income earners parents that cannot afford to send their ward to schools, these children are seen gallivanting around during school hours, it is with this menace, SHI, took to the rescue of these children, thereby taking them while their privilege mates are in school.

The children are between the ages of 4 to 16, both males and females, the project lessons started from the basics of mathematics and English as they have not seen the fore walls of school. We believe the two subjects are the most crucial form of learning where any child can start before proceeding to other primary subjects.

Educational instructions and materials were distributed to them,to ensure smooth and fast learning ability and enhance their English language proficiency at least basic level,as they cannot speak nor write.

We hope to break the language barrier, as to easy communication flow, to give the children access to quality education,and above all giving them a voice and allowing them to have access to their fundamental human right that says every child has the fundamental human right to be educated.

As we contribute to the actualization of the SDGs in the aspect of education, we believe no child should be left behind.


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