Education is a basic necessity for nation building, for a nation to progress the educational infrastructure need to be put in place. Without thorough policy backing education, it likely for a nation to be backward.

There is no doubt that education is needed in every sector, knowing well it is far beyond the fore walls of school but encompass all human field. In everything we do, education is needed, it is a tool that enhances our daily lives and well-being and a prerequisite to a sustainable society.

It centrality to sustainable development allows us access to a world of improved health care, gender equality, poverty reduction, clean and enable environment and above all strengthen the economy and empowering the masses especially those vulnerable to vices.

The Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) created and formed to address global issues have quality education as one of the targeted goal, SDG 4 which centers on education ensures inclusive and equitable quality education that will promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. This shows education as a fundamental right for all.

The United nations Organisations mandated to lead on education in the 2030 agenda, in a bid to make education a head on in every society of the world, a day is set aside to mark the International Day of Education, 24 January of every year, is proclaimed by the UN General Assembly to honour education and its centrality to human well-being and sustainable development.

This year’s theme “learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace” highlight the integrated nature of education, its humanistic aims as well as its centrality to our collective development ambition.

Education is well encompassing , a catalyst for improving health and well-being, combating hunger, reducing poverty, give access to clean water and sanitation, promotes sustainable cities and communities, gender equality, access to affordable and clean energy, promote inclusive and  sustainable economic growth, build resilient infrastructure and promote inclusive industrialization, reduced inequality, ensure sustainable consumption and production pattern, allow urgent action to combat climate change, then promote peaceful and inclusive societies.

All above are contributing factors to our collective development and saddle us with the responsibility and capability to contribute to society. As the world mark the International Day of Education, countries that are lacking behind in forming a sound policies and enforceable legislation for the promotion of quality education.

It is a known fact that I most developing countries, schools are grossly under resourced, they have fewer teachers with limited training. Classrooms are dilapidated with excessive size having students out numbering the number of classrooms, educational materials/resources short is n supply.

The need to urgently adopt a policy that will strengthen our educational system will help shape our value and perspectives as well as enhancing job opportunities. Education will not only help marginalized population gain access to social integration and avert multidimensional social challenges but also aid in preserving the cohesion of society and socialize us into a productive member of the society.

Even though education is beyond the fore walls of schools, the government must see that ample educational institutions that are well constructed are put in place, this will enhance the growth and development of educational institutions.

Improving the standard of education will go a long away, providing a favourable and conducive environment for learning as well as improving the teaching method will do more good than harm. This will allow students to learn in an enabling and friendly environment thereby wakening them yearn for education.

Education is a fundamental right that can’t be taken away from everyone, it is a vital tool for nation building.



Joyce Ikhile,

Project Coordinator,





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