“Education is an essential tool for creating awareness”

The Young Youth Network for Good Leadership in Nigeria (YYNGLIN), in partnership with SMILE Humanitarian Initiative(SHI) and support from Fountain of Joy and Comfort Foundation in a bid to help prevent malaria among pregnant women put together a one-day community outreach tagged: “Malaria Prevention Outreach” in Kapwa community, Lugbe area of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, on the 12th of May 2019.

The outreach which was targeted at the women in the community, especially pregnant women and nursing mothers was held at the Chief Palace in Kapwa.

Kapwa is mainly dominated by the Gbagi people of the FCT, also have other indigenes from different tribes living in the community.

A community of about 2000 people with women having the highest numbers are most time exposed to malaria.

As we all know malaria remains a major public health problem causing most illness and death of populations in the country, it effects have negatively impacted on the demographic and socio- economic characteristics of Nigerians.

The Young Youth Network for Good Leadership in Nigeria and Smile Humanitarian Initiative, an organization that focus on giving people access to quality education, were on ground to sensitize and educate women in the community as a measure to prevent and ensure the process to eliminate malaria as part of carrying out the implementation that fit into the planned National Strategic Plan for Control and Elimination of Malaria in Nigeria (2014-2020).

The total number of women in attendance was 47, majority whom are house wives, could barely speak English but through our community local mobilizer we were able to pass across our messages.

The women were taken through the knowing of quality anti malaria medicines, that carries the ACTs logo, maintaining good hygiene in their environment by making sure their surroundings are clean, the usefulness and preventive abilities of mosquito net. Avoiding the use of counterfeit and substandard products, irrational prescribing and dispensing of medicines.

Despite the lack of a health Centre in the community, we aim to ensure they have continuous access to Artemisinin- based Combination Therapy, (ACT) and Rapid Diagnostic Test, (RDTs) that would be affordable and available.


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