Bullying in schools, especially secondary schools is no doubt a threat. Many fall victims of these, while some schools lack the privilege of having a counsellor, few that have hardly go to them and lay complains, Counsellors have an important role o play in this act.

In a research conducted in Benin City, Edo State, 78% of the children have been victims of bullying on at least one occasion and 71% have lashed out at others at least once.

Many cases have occurred in other parts of the states, SMILE HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVE was at hand today to speak with the students on bullying as part of the ongoing educational project tagged ” THINGS WE NEED TO KNOW” .

The project is a one month project, to englighten the students of Junior Secondary School, Galadima, Gwarinpa in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on various topics ranging from sexual abuse, bullying, Health and Hygiene , Puberty and other issues that bother or disturb them.

Education is a major tool of driving this message across to them, at SMILE HUMANITARIAN we ensure everyone get access to quality education.

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